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VIP (Vos Informations Personnelles in french) is an application that runs on your web browser, which allows you to access, manage and share all your valuable information securely, anytime, anywhere : information about your family , your friends, your relations, your bills, your usernames and passwords, favorite websites, documents, notes, your bank account, whatever more ... Everything you can imagine.
A simple internet connection is sufficient.
VIP includes an address book, a notepad, a folder for your documents, a manager for your IDs and passwords, a directory for your websites, and finally, a bank manager.
A search engine allows you to quickly find your recordings in just 2 clicks. This engine is still accessible in the top banner.

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Access to information contained in VIP requires strong authentication. Security has been time-tested. Sessions are recorded on the database and their duration is limited.
VIP is able to handle three types of users: public, private and administrator.
The recordings are available in 3 levels of privacy :

  • public : visible to all registered users
  • privé : visible only to private users (and administrator)
  • personnel : visible only by the owner.

The interface is bi-lingual (English and French). It is very easy to adapt it in another European language, by simply translating a lang file.
An installation script is included.
VIP runs locally with XAMPP (or WAMP ...) or remotely on a server including PHP5/MySQL5. host accept version 12.04.
With its 650 pixels wide, VIP has been designed to run on ultra-portable PC with a low screen resolution: 800x600 or less. It works very well on mobile phones or tablets.

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The few screenshots included in this page are just a brief overview of the possibilities of this organizer. The first version was launched in 2006. Continuously improved, I used this software every day, both at work and at home or away. This saves me a lot of time. I hope it will be useful to you too !

Viewing record in Address Book
Viewing record in documents folder
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Visit the demo site !

Visit the demo site to learn more !

To login as administrator, and in English, please use :
Username = en.admin
Password = passe

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